Remixing Kubrick and Tarantino: What Supercuts Reveal About Classic Cinema

A few years ago, Andy Baio coined the term “supercuts” to describe ”obsessive-compulsive montages of video clips, meticulously isolating every instance of a single item, usually clichés, phrases, and other tropes” and launched a site to collect the best of the genre. At a basic level, supercuts are pure fun — a way to collect and admire (or laugh at) repetitive stylistic choices in TV and cinema. In the hands of a sharp editor with a background in film studies, like Kogonada, supercuts become rich “video essays,” revealing new perspectives on familiar films. Kogonada, a Vimeo user who prefers to remain anonymous for now, is a master of the genre, racking up over a million views with mesmerizing video essays on Stanley Kubrick’s one-point perspective, Wes Anderson’s overhead shots, Quentin Tarantino’s low-angle shots, and more.

(via theatlantic)